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    O'Sensei Ueshiba Morihei (Founder of Aikido)

  • The Hard Facts

    & some unpleasent Truths

    There is an old Zen fable that goes like this:


    One day a frog, sitting at the waters edge was approach by a Scorpion. The Scorpion asked the Frog to take him to the other side of the river. At first the Frog refused saying to the Scorpion,

    "You will surely sting me and I will die!"

    The Scorpion replied,

    "I shan't!, if I sting you, both you and I will perish. I can not swim and therefore I will drown"


    Seeing this logic, the Frog agreed to carry the Scorpion on his back across the river. As they approached the half way mark, the deepest spot in the river the Scorpion stung the Frog.


    In sheer horror the Frog exclaimed,

    "Oh Scorpion what have you done? Now we shall both surely die! Why would you do this, even after you promised not to?"


    To which the Scorpion replied,


    "What did you expect? I am a Scorpion!"


    What this fable tells us, is that there will always be 'Scorpions' in our Society. As much as we are working towards a Utopic world, we unfortunately aren't quiete there yet.


    Here are some unpleasent facts as taken from www.crimestastics.vic.gov.au


    In 2017 there were recorded:


    Close to 39000, yes THOUSAND, criminal assualts. That's roughly 1 in 158 people! Assualted!


    12956 sexual offences. Again that's nearing 1 in 467 people. This number has increased 45% in the last 5 years alone.


    And www.bullyingnoway.gov.au reports that:


    27% of Year 4 through Year 9 students are reported to be bullied every few weeks or more often & 84% reported being bullied online also.


    That's more than 1 in 4 children! Bullied on a regualr bassis! And these are only the 'recorded' ones.


    Imagine if you will, walking home from work, a soccer match, the train station or walking to or from a car park, a bar and being caught by suprise and confronted with the reality that you are about to be assaualted or worse. Threatened, helpless, no one to cry out to for help, no police to save you from what is about to happen...


    What does that feel like to you? What can you do?


    Now Imagine your child being bullied while you aren't there to protect them. By the time the school or thier friends can help, it's too LATE! Your Child is already bullied, either assaulted emotionally or physically, but more likely both!.


    How do you feel about that? What can you do to change that feeling?


    Southern Schools of Aikido has the systems and resources for you that you can aquire to overcome these events. You will learn not to be overwhelmed or overcome by the 'Scorpions' of our society. Your Child can learn effect startagies to bullyprofff themselves now and for the future.


    Contact SSA now on: 0401410318 to discuss the best options for you. Hurry spots are limited.







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    Self defence courses are a great way to learn personal safety skills that in the short term may help you keep safe from harm. Our courses are developed to empower and teach new skills and build knowledge enabling you to keep yourself, your family and your friends safe from harm. Course dates are usually posted on our facebook page, Southern Schools of Aikido

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