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    We build confidence, strength and power within. We do this through physical movement and development of the mind. We are a friendly community that comes together to learn the way to self development of the mind. We do Aikido differently. We are Southern Schools of Aikido.
    Our school and students strive for mastery. Our ambition is for full classes where everyone is an enthusiastic learner. We aspire to make Aikido more accessible and an art that is valued by society.
    This begins with bigger conversations inspired through the traditions of Aikido and its ideology of peace, love and harmony.
    We believe that by strengthening ourselves we can lift up others, and positively influencing the world in which we live.

  • Frequently Asked Questions

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    What is Aikido?

    Aikido is very near impossible to define in a single sentence or even paragraph. It is similar to asking the question "What is Art"? to which scholars have been debating for decades if not centuries. The same is true for Aikido and for most people that do it, find it difficult to describe. Aikido encompasses many facets including meditations, philosophy, self defense, weapons, tactics, psychological interplays, mindfulness, purifications and martial arts techniques therefore a brief synopsis can't be made. For a further understanding refer to the page "What is Aikido?" on this website.

    Who would win in a fight between Aikido and mma?

    or any other form of martial arts?

    There are many defining things that would need to be clarified. i.e. what are the rules, what is at stake, what is the reason.


    I would concede under the rules and conditions of a mma bout, then the chances of a mma fighter winning are on their side. This scenario however, is not real but a combat sport. The Aikido that is taught at SSA is tried under real world tests involving opponents numbering1 through 6, some including weapons that were intent on serious bodily harm. Aikido proved itself to be the best in those scenario, so in light of that, the answer is Aikido.

    Is Aikido good for girls?

    or children?

    Absolutely! The art itself is designed to be practiced by everyone. Each person doing Aikido will walk their own path through Aikido. Females generally tend to have to work harder at being technically proficient compared to men who can use other masculine attributes to assist them if comparisons are made between males and females.

    Is Aikido the best martial art?

    I've heard and read Aikido is useless in a 'real' fight.

    This perception of Aikido is generally pushed by people that have no real depth of experience or insightful understandings of Aikido claiming that in a 'street fight' or a fight against a 'trained fighter' Aikido would not work and the Aikidoist would 'have their ass kicked'. This displays two things, a severe lack of intellect on behalf of those making that claim, or if they are correct in their summation, then a severe lack of skill by the practitioner of Aikido displaying it. Either way any incompetence viewed as Aikido is not Aikido's fault but people doing it or viewing it. The art itself is very sound and robust as a form of martial arts.

    Do you run classes for children?

    and from what age?

    Yes, our children's classes run through the Vic school term from ages 6 and above. Gradings are generally held twice a year and most children would grade twice a year in the beginning stages provided consistent and dedicated training is achieved. Please refer to the "Location & Times" page on this website for further details on kids classes.

    What is a good age to start Aikido?

    how old is too old to start?

    Any age is a great age to begin Aikido but you must be in good physical and mental health to join Southern Schools of Aikido. The art really does not have an upper age limit as to when to start, the eldest student known to have started Aikido was 86 and was taught by Scott Eggenton Sensei some years back. The class structure is very accommodating to all beginners or levels. The lower age limit at SSA is 6 years old.

    My child is on a spectrum, would Aikido be ok for them?

    or add or adhd?

    Firstly none of the Instructors at SSA are trained or qualified to teach anyone that may have special requirements to any form of learning. However, Martial arts training may be beneficial to children with Autism or ADD or the like but all circumstances must be considered by parents, students and teachers to take into account school policies, class structures and capabilities of teachers, current students and child before enrollment into a martial arts school.

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    How do I begin?

    or my child?

    The best way is to read the website fully, make a phone call, the number can be found on the "contact us" page on this website, you will then be walked through what is involved. It is highly recommended that parents wishing for their child to be involved in Aikido with SSA that they too experience the art through the Adults classes. Southern Schools of Aikido is on Facebook, Instagram, Tik Tok & YouTube for further virtual experiences.

  • Women's Self Defense

    Specifically designed course.

    Street Smart, Street Wise Logo. A Southern Schools of Aikido Initiative.

    Street Smart, Street Wise

    look out for the golden owl

    Self defense courses are a great way to learn personal safety skills that in the short term may help you keep safe from harm. Our courses are developed to empower and teach new skills and build knowledge enabling you to keep yourself, your family and your friends safe from harm. Course dates are usually posted on our facebook page, Southern Schools of Aikido


    General Aikido classes for females run on Tuesday evenings at Fairfield. Please refer to the "Location & Times" page of this website for further details.

  • Contact SSA to secure your spot

    Call or text: 0401 410 318

    85 Gillies Street, Fairfield, Vic
    Tues 4.45 -5.45pm (kids)
    Tues 7.30 - 9.00pm
    Wed 4.45 - 5.45pm (kids)
    Wed 6.00 - 7.00pm
    Wed 7.00 - 8.30pm
    Thurs 6.00 - 7.15am
    Sat 11.00 - 12.00pm (kids)
    Sat 12.00 - 1pm (Introductory)
    0401 410 318
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